Wanda is an amazing healer! Her energy works on a profound level. She is kind, patient and cares about each individual that reaches out for her healing services.
— Lisa Simonelli, R.A.


I felt heat and energy radiating from Wanda’s hands, and experienced a deep sense of relaxation that made me feel calm, peaceful and safe. Wanda is compassionate, friendly, and knowledgeable and works from her heart with love and light and integrity.
— Peter Sciarabba, Retired


Wanda is a life saver. Initially I had no belief in energy work. My friend coaxed me into just giving it a try. By letting Wanda work on me my depression and lack of energy were gone. I felt so positive and renewed. Wanda has amazing and powerful energy to give. Now I’m a believer.
— Micki Williams, Retired Teacher


Wanda, thank you so much for the distant energy healing. I was having trouble breathing. I woke in the middle of the night breathing with no distress and marveling at the change. I am sure now it was due to the healing energy you sent. Thank you for the relief, you have incredible power, and I am still experiencing the wonderful feeling of that pressure on my chest just melting away. I love you for your generous, giving spirit.
— Mary Ellen, DVM


Wanda is an extraordinary healer! Her energy works on a deep level, helping you to release old energetic patterns, and reintegrate and activate on a physical, emotional, and psychic level. Her intuitive messages are clear and on the mark. She is blessed with many skills chief among them is her strong and healing heart. Place yourself in Wanda’s hands of light and grace.
— Joan Baird, LCSW


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing work you do.  As you very well know, I’ve had back and neck problems for years, due to car accident and stress related reasons.  You are, hands down, the best massage therapist in the business.  I feel confident saying this because I have been to many others before meeting you.  Your innate compassion for your clients’ pain coupled with your intuitive sense of the proper approach for each individual is unmatched by any other massage therapist.  Not to mention your in-depth knowledge of the human body parts: muscles, bones, nerves, etc. – you know more than many doctors I’ve met! During the 3 or 4 years I’ve been coming to see you, you’ve helped me tremendously! Please feel free to give my name and number as a reference for any of your future clients.
— Donna Levin