Wanda is a gifted healer and has worked with a variety of healing modalities for over 20 years.  She has a love and passion to be of service to others in their healing journey.  Wanda has had a life-long interest in metaphysics. As a child she had a sense of an angelic energy being present. She felt energy in her hands, and saw auras, and spirit energy.  She is spiritual, intuitive and has a wonderful presence of making you feel comforted.

Wanda is a graduate of The Swedish Institute Collage of New York City and holds a state license in Massage Therapy in both New York and Connecticut.  Wanda is a Master graduate from the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. She is a Certified Practitioner and graduate of One Light Healing Touch™ Energy Healing & Mystery School, and is a scholar in the Unfoldment into Mediumship at the Montclair Psychic School. Wanda is also fluent in English and Spanish.


My Personal Story

One of my first experiences with energy healing was during a personal incident that sent me to a hospital emergency room. I began having strong anxiety and panic attack symptoms, but I didn’t know what was happening.  After taking my vitals, the nurse did a quick energy healing on me by placing her hands on top of my head, and within minutes I felt at ease, and started to relax and calm down.

It gave me an unforgettable experience of using energy healing to help others.  I learned it could bring an immediate and powerful sense of calm and peace to clients.  This deepened my path for learning more about spiritual and healing connections. I sought out a respected energy healing school and have been trained in One Light Healing Touch, which has taught me many advanced techniques and I’ve seen remarkable results. To be of service and helping those who seek my support in their healing is an honor and privilege for me. I am thankful and grateful to those who trusted, respected and appreciated my healings.  I work from my heart with love and compassion setting my intentions with the highest good for the client.